We have secure storage sites and small business partners to help us safely store live auction items while we are selling them, all across Kentucky.
Some items have a reserve price (the minimum price needed before we sell it) and some are absolute auctions with no reserve.
Auction Listings may be live for 1-30 days to give plenty of time for bidders to have bidding wars.
Some have a “Buy it now” feature so anyone can be the high-bidder and win instantly.
Review the pickup and/or shipping options in each auction listing.
Non-paying bidders will be restricted from future purchases.

Choose which city to buy from.
More cities are being added soon. Contact us so we can sell your items too!

How to bid, win and pick up your item


Fill out all information requested when registering. You may need to confirm your email address so check inbox and spam folder if you are not able to login immediately after registration.


Click the Login link in the top menu

Click “auctions” in menu tab

Check out our live auctions! Some are bidding-only, some have a “Buy-it-now” feature. Some have reserve & some are no reserve. See the individual auction listings for more details.

Find a city near you

Find local auctions or bid on any auction if the listing shows that shipping is available. Most are Local pick up only and will be within 15 miles of the city listed.

Bid on items you like

The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction timer will win the item, if the reserve has been met (if any). Be sure to bid the most you are willing to pay if you win, or else someone else may out-bid you while you sleep!

Pay for auctions you won

If you choose a “Buy-it-now” or you are the top bidder and you won an auction, pay for it when you are notified that you won.

Contact us to arrange pick-up

Use the Contact Us link on the top menu to email, call, text or use the contact us form to make arrangements to pick up your item(s). Generally, plan on picking it up the 3rd Saturday of each month but for a $10 “Convenience Fee” our Clerk will meet you sooner if needed.

How to let us sell your items


Fill out all information requested when registering. You may need to confirm your email address so check inbox and spam folder if you are not able to login immediately after registration.


Click the Login link in the top menu

Contact Us

Fill out the “Contact Us” form on the top menu. Fill out the form completely and allow up to 48 hours for a reply. If it has been over 48 hours, send another “Contact Us” request, email, text or call us and leave a message. Let us know you want to bring items to us, and we will schedule a time/date for you to meet our Clerk at the local storage site.

Meet our “Clerk”

We will usually schedule the meeting date/time to be the 3rd Saturday of each month between noon and 4pm.If you need to meet up on a different day, there is a $10 “Convenience fee” if you wish to pick-up or drop-off items on a day our Clerk is not on-site.

Learn about our process

The Clerk will receive your items, take pictures and a description and will send it to our auction lister to upload to a live auction. Seller fees are only $1 each (listing, relisting, reserve, cancellation, buy it now), plus a 20% commission if the item sells. We will refund any reserve fees you paid (if it sells) but only on the current auction.

Sign & Pay for the Auction Listing(s)

They will have you sign the Auction Listing Contract and the Consignment Contract then you can pay the seller fees and leave. They will store the item(s) in the secure storage unit while the auction is live for about 1 month.

Wait & Get Paid!

If the item sells instantly with a buyer using the “Buy it now” feature, or if the auction goes for a full month and the highest bidder gets it, we will take payment for it and send you the money for it, minus the 20% commission fee within 30 days. (usually within 1-7 days for all checks to clear and to protect from chargebacks. If it does not sell, either contact us to relist the item (we will bill you $1 to relist and $1 for reserve if you want that), or you can make arrangements to pick up your item(s). If your item sold, then we will mail you a check within 30 days of when the auction ended.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I love auctions! This site has huge potential!


I like that West KY Auctions will store my item while its being sold. It gives me extra space in my garage. If the item sells, that’s a bonus!


I think listing items for a full month will give it plenty of time to get high bids.

Let us sell your items. 
We only charge $1 per listing/relisting, $1 per reserve, plus a flat 20% commission if it sells.

Now Hiring!

We are looking for someone willing to work part-time, just 1-4 days a month (or more, you make your own schedule!)
Help us get new buyers & sellers to join this site. Earn anywhere from 5-10% commission on items that sell through our website if you were the Clerk, Outside Sales Rep. and/or affiliate/referrer that sent us new clients!
Click here for details