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Let us sell your items in our online auctions! 
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Only pay 5-10% Commission if the item sells!

Attention small business owners: Let us sell your items in our auctions and you can keep the items at your shop! By maintaining possession of your items, local shop owners can trust that participating in our online auctions is a secure, beneficial, and streamlined approach to selling.

FEES to buy & sell in normal live online auctions


10% Buyer’s Premium added to winning bid.*

6% KY sales tax added at checkout.

*Buyer’s Premium may be billed separately.

What is a Buyer’s Premium?
A Buyer’s Premium is a small fee that is calculated as a percentage of the final bid price. It is a standard practice in many in-person and online auctions to add this fee to help off-set the auctioneer’s costs of providing a safe, fun and enjoyable auction experience to your local area.


FREE Membership

Cost per month: $0

Free Membership Bonus: 4 maximum free listings per month (Pro-rated)! (Commission applies)

Cost per additional listing: $1/month (includes free secure storage)
(+ $0.25 per update. Any number of identical items = 1 listing)

Auto Re-listing during the month if it doesn’t sell: $0.00 each. (included or paid listings)
*Reserve price: (Optional) $0.25 per listing, $0 per re-listing

Buy-it-now feature: (Optional) $0.25 per listing, $0 per re-listing during the month.
Length of auctions: 1, 3, 5, 7, 14, 21 days. *
*(Note: By law, you cannot retrieve items or end the auction early once they are live if there are active bids on it.)

Premium Membership

Cost per month: $25 (Price & # of listings pro-rated 1st month)

Up to 25 max Free listings live at once.

Cost per additional listings: $0.25 each for 1 month (pro-rated during the 1st month)
(+ $0.25 per update. Any number of identical items = 1 listing)

Auto Re-listing during the month if it doesn’t sell: $0.00 each (included or paid listings)
Reserve price: $0.10 per listing per month, $0 per re-listing during the month.
Buy-it-now feature: $0.10 per listing per month, $0 per re-listing during the month.
Length of auctions: 1, 3, 5, 7, 14, 21 days. *
*(Note: By law, you cannot retrieve items or end the auction early once they are live if there are active bids on it.)
Premium Members can get up 50% off of the Commission Rates (see below).

Commission rates:

Basic Membership Commission Rates are on a “Per-Sale” basis

If the total is…
$0.01 to $9.99, it’s 30% commission.
$10 to $24.99, it’s 25% commission.
$25 to $49.99, it’s 20% commission.
$50 to $99.99, it’s 15% commission.
$100 to $499.99, it’s 10% commission.
$500 & up, it’s 5% commission.

Premium Memberships have two choices:

1. Be on a “Per-Sale” basis like a basic membership, BUT…
(You would pay 15%, 12.5%, 10%, 7.5%, and 5% rates based on the sale amount of individual items)
Get “instant” payout after auction settlement (within 1-3 days of auction ending, check by mail or digitally)
Half commission rate does not apply for individual sales over $100.
Be on a “GROSS SALES” basis over a 3-week period with a delayed payout.
Receive payment for sales in the last 3 weeks, no more than 30 days after the 1st auction ended.
This would start on the 1st of the month and go to the end of the month.

Premium Members

Call/Text any time (502***682***7777) if you are a Premium Member to let me know which method you want to use for the next month. We can discuss which option is best for you. By law, Auctioneers in Kentucky must payout Sellers within 30 days of the end of the auction so we will most likely add up the sales of the first 3 weeks of the month then send the payout before the end of the month. The last week of the month’s sales may be calculated on a per item basis.


There are NO REFUNDS when a buyer buys an item unless there is an error in the listing on our part. If the seller misrepresented an item being sold, that is between the bidder and the seller. All bidders are asked to contact us to view the item in person before they bid. By bidding “sight unseen” or viewing the item in person, you agree you are bidding/buying the item as-is, no guarantees or warranties given, all sales final, no refunds or exchanges. We will try our best to list any flaws, imperfections, scratches, tears, dents, and flaws but you are bidding/buying even if these things are mentioned or not. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to inspect the item before making their first bid.

Buy-it-now feature:
There are no refunds after you add the Buy-it-Now feature to an auction listing, even if your item sells or not.
Reserve Price feature:
There are no refunds after you add the Reserve Price feature to an auction listing, even if your item sells or not.

Not Allowed

We will not sell Indian artifacts, firearms, replicas/counterfeit items, mattress or box springs, drugs, human or animal bones/body parts, or real estate. Live animals may be sold on a case-by-case basis.

Starting Bid

Sellers may request to start auctions at any price that you want ($0.01 and higher).
Choose absolute/no reserve auction, or auction with reserve (Reserve fee may apply on initial listing or on re-listings).
Choose to pay for a Reserve Price feature on your selling listing if you don’t want it to simply sell to the highest bidder, in case it doesn’t bring as much as you want.

Length of auctions: 1, 3, 5, or 7 days (Premium can also do 21 days)

Sellers must agree to the Seller Agreement and the Seller Consignment Contracts. Text or Call us for details at 502***682***7777 or use the Contact Us form in the top menu, or by emailing WestKYAuctions @ gmail.com (without spaces)

How to let us sell your items


Click the “Register” button in the top menu. Fill out all information requested when registering on our website. You may need to confirm your email address so check inbox and spam folder if you are not able to login immediately after registration and click the link in your email.
You may also Register when you meet our clerk so that they can help you with that in person.


Click the Login link in the top menu

Contact Us

The fastest way to contact us is by TEXT MESSAGE at 502*682*7777. If you don’t text, then you can call but leave a voicemail if there is no answer. If you still want to contact us and communicate by email, click “Contact Us” in the top menu to fill out the Contact Us form. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. If it has been over 48 hours, send another “Contact Us” request, email, text or call us and leave a message. Let us know you want to bring items to us, and we will schedule a time/date/location for you to meet our Clerk or the Auctioneer.

Meet our “Clerk” or Auctioneer

We will only accept items from individuals in La Center, Kevil, Paducah, Lone Oak, Hickory, or Mayfield, KY at this time. We may accept items from small businesses in these cities, along with those shops in Calvert City, Draffenville, Benton, and Murray, KY but only if you sign up on the Premium Membership plan and list at least 25 items. We will usually schedule a time/date/place for you to meet up with our representative (our Clerk or Auctioneer) on a Friday or Saturday around 1-5 for you to drop off the item(s) for us to sell. If you are a small business, we will allow you to keep the items at your shop during the auction and will come to you after we make arrangements of a day/time usually on Friday or Saturday also.

Learn about our process

The Clerk will receive, inspect, and approve or deny your item(s). The clerk will explain the Seller Consignment Contract and tell you how the process works. The clerk will make sure you are registered, and if you aren’t, they will help you get registered on this site.

We require a government issued photo ID to be on file if you are a bidder, buyer, or seller. You can upload your driver’s license or photo id directly within the registration process, text it to us, email it to us, or let the West KY Auctions representative take a picture of it and submit it for you. When meeting the Clerk to drop off items, you will sign the Seller Consignment Contract. It simply tells us what you are selling so we both have a record of it. You will tell the clerk your name, address, phone number, etc. and the clerk will need to see your government ID to verify it matches up with the info on the registration form. This is for yours and our security. This is also to make sure we return items to you later if they don’t sell, and not someone else by mistake. We will verify your ID when you drop items off, pick items up, or most importantly, when you get paid when we sell your items!

The clerk will take pictures and add a description for your item(s). You will need to tell the clerk if there are any flaws, imperfections, scratches, damages, dents, etc. The clerk will send the pictures of your items and the description to the Auctioneer to be uploaded to the WestKYAuctions.com website within 1-7 days, depending on our schedule.

Seller membership fees, listing fees, and commissions are agreed upon at the time you leave us items for sale and will be clearly written on the Seller Consignment Contract, and may not be the same as what is listed on our website. We may have different fees for different sellers based on several factors such as how many items you have, the value of the items, storage location etc.

Sign & Pay for the Auction Listing(s)

They will have you sign the Auction Listing Contract and the Consignment Contract then you can pay the seller fees and leave. They will store the item(s) in the secure storage location or the items will be stored in your own store if you are a small business owner. You may drop off, view the items before bidding, or pick up items that didn’t sell BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We may only go to the storage location 1-4 times a month so we must schedule a meeting time. Most likely, Fridays and or Saturdays will be a good time to view, drop things off or pick things up.

Wait & Get Paid!

If the item sells instantly with a buyer using the “Buy it now” feature, or if the auction ends when the timer ends and the highest bidder gets it, we will take payment for it and deposit the funds in our Escrow account in our bank. This is required by law and by the Kentucky Board of Auctioneers. After settlement, we will send you your portion of the money via check by mail, or other method if we have an agreement (such as digitally using PayPal, CashApp, ACH, Zelle, etc.). We will send the money we received for the item(s) minus any commissions, fees, etc. usually within 1-3 days after the end of the auction, but could be up to 30 days. If a bidder does not successfully pay within 1-7 days for your items, we reserve the right to cancel this sale and relist it, and you reserve the right to say not to relist it if that happens. In the case the high bidder does not pay, or has a chargeback (unsuccessful payment), you will not be charged any selling fees for us to relist it. You will not be charged commission unless it is a successful sale. Let us know if you prefer a digital payout instead of a paper check. Some methods of payout may have a small transaction fee. All of this will be agreed upon in the Seller Agreement & Seller Consignment Contract.

How to bid, win and pick up your item


Fill out all information requested when registering. You may need to confirm your email address so check inbox and spam folder if you are not able to login immediately after registration.


Click the Login link in the top menu

Click “Live Auctions” in menu tab

Check out our live auctions! Some are bidding-only, some have a “Buy-it-now” feature. Some have reserve & some are no reserve. See the individual auction listings for more details.

Find a city near you

Find local auctions or bid on any auction if the listing shows that shipping is available. Most are Local pick up only and will be within 15 miles of the city listed. Some items will be securely stored by us or at the seller’s home or business.

Bid on items you like

The person with the highest bid at “the end of the auction” will win the item (if there is a reserve, it has to be met). Be sure to bid the most you are willing to pay if you win, or else someone else may out-bid you while you sleep! Note: even if there are current bidders, anyone can choose “Buy-it-Now” (if it is available) and instantly end and win the auction!

Pay for auctions you won

If you choose a “Buy-it-now” or you are the top bidder and you won an auction, pay for it when you are notified that you won. You should pay for it on our site so we know you are a not a non-paying bidder. If you need/want to pay in person, please contact us using the “Contact Us” form (or call/text us) and let us know before you place the winning bid.

Contact us to arrange pick-up

Use the Contact Us link on the top menu to email, call, text or use the contact us form to make arrangements to pick up your item(s). Generally, plan on picking it up the following Friday or Saturday but we may be able to meet any day.

About Us

We are SmartStuff2Buy LLC doing business as West KY Auctions. We are starting a new small business with online auctions, but the owner (Terry McKinney) has had a valid Kentucky Principal Auctioneer’s license since 2007 (Lic. #257043). Some of our auctions will be our own items so we can store them in our own warehouse, but we will also have secure storage sites and small business partners to help us safely store other members’ items (or they will be selling only their own items) while they are in our live auctions. We can help you sell your items all across Kentucky. Some items have a reserve price (the minimum price needed before we sell it) and some are absolute auctions with no reserve. Some listings may also have a “Buy it now” price which means anyone can be the high bidder and end the auction instantly without having to wait 1-30 days for it to end, even if there are other bidders or not. Auction Listings may be live for 1-30 days to give plenty of time for bidders to have bidding wars and for you to help promote your own auction listings. We may allow some members to be affiliates where you can share a referral link to people on social media to yours, or any other live auction. If anyone clicks your link, registers and buys anything on our site, you may earn 1-5% commission! This can help lower your listing fees if you are a seller. Use the contact form to request more information about becoming an affiliate. If bidding & buying our items, please review the pickup and/or shipping options in each auction listing. We ask bidders to pay within 24 hours of winning. Non-paying bidders will be restricted from future purchases. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, Stripe, ACH, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, CashApp, Affirm, cryptocurrency using Coinbase, but no checks.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I love auctions! This site has huge potential!


I like that West KY Auctions will store my item while its being sold. It gives me extra space in my garage. If the item sells, that’s a bonus!


I think listing items for a full month will give it plenty of time to get high bids.