$10 e-gift card for Lowes (or Lowes.com)


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Item Long Description:

You are buying a $10 e-gift card for Lowes (in-person) or Lowes.com website
It will be mailed to you within 24 hours of the end of the auction.
You can print it out, use it online or just show the cashier the code at checkout in-person.

Shipping Methods: EMAIL ONLY
Anyone in the world may buy this but it can only be used in Lowes stores in USA or on Lowes.com site.

Auction details:
Item title: $10 Lowes e-gift card
Item Short Description: $10 Lowes gift card by email.
What is included: qty: 1 e-gift card
Auction type: Auction WITH RESERVE, WITH “BUY IT NOW”*
Qty: 1
Color: n/a
Pickup location: We will email to you, no local pick up or shipping available
Condition: new
Material: digital
Starting bid: $8
Bid increments: $0.01
Reserve? YES
Reserve price: $9.00 (minimum price that bidding must reach before we allow it to be sold).
Buy it now price: $9.10 (By paying the $9.10 “Buy it now” price you will instantly end the auction upon successful payment. The only methods available for “Buy it now” are PayPal, Debit or Credit card, or CashApp, unless you contact us to meet in person to pay cash or to mail in a money order. Do not “buy it now” if you are using cash or money order unless we have received payment).
Buyer’s premium: 10%* (This is a fee that is added to the highest and final bid or “buy it now” price to help cover our expenses. Note: At this time our software is not adding it to the final bid but we will bill you for the buyer’s premium after you win the auction.)
End of auction:
1. If there is a website glitch or error, this auction may be canceled and relisted but all bidders & sellers will be notified if this happens.**
2. When the timer runs out*** (This should be the most likely scenario unless someone uses the “Buy it now” or other reasons happen).
3. When someone chooses “Buy it now” and successfully makes payment.****
4. If fake bidders are recognized as bidding just to raise the price.*****

Pickup date/time: Local pickup not available, it will be emailed within 24 hours after auction ends.
Snipe rule: None. (Snipe rule is enabled on some online auctions where if there is a bid placed in the last few minutes of the auction, the software will automatically extend the end of the auction 1-15 more minutes. We do NOT have the snipe rule enabled on this specific auction. If enabled, the “Snipe Rule” can change the “End of Auction” time.***

Additional Auction Notes: If the reserve price is not met, we will relist this item. We reserve the right to cancel, refund, edit or relist this auction if there are any website glitches or errors in the listing. If there are no bidders and an error is noticed, we will cancel it. If there are bidders, we will contact them (and the sellers) and let them know of the error. If the error is minor and the bidders all want to keep bidding, and the sellers and Auctioneer all agree to continue, we will simply update the auction description with a note of the date/times of the update and what was changed. If it is a major error, we will cancel and may or may not relist the auction. There will be no penalties for buyers or sellers if it’s a glitch/error where West KY Auctions or website technical difficulties are at fault. Canceled auctions will be relisted without rebilling sellers for the listing fee(s) if the seller is not at fault.

Payment methods:
PayPal, Debit Card, Credit card, or CashApp- ID REQUIRED
Cash, Cryptocurrency, or U.S. Post Office Money Order – NO ID REQUIRED
Contact us if you win this auction if you want to pay by cryptocurrency, money order or cash.
Payment must be received and cleared before shipping.

If paying with PayPal, Debit or Credit card, or CashApp:
You must have a valid email, phone number, and verified PayPal account with confirmed shipping address (if using PayPal) to purchase this item. Due to the cost of the item, you must provide a government issued photo ID when making the purchase and it must match the credit card or debit card, or PayPal account of payment.

*Buyers Premium, What is it?

The buyer’s premium is an additional fee that is added to the final selling price. Example, if the highest bidder wins the auction for $100 and there is a 10% buyer’s premium, then that buyer will pay $110 plus taxes (6% for Kentucky sales tax), plus shipping if they want it shipped instead of local pickup. (Note: our auction software does not add the buyer’s premium to the total , so we will bill you separately for that). Buyer’s Premium is calculated as a flat % on the highest/final successful bid. The buyer’s premium is a small charge, not a tax, that buyers pay to help off-set the costs of running the auction website and business. This is separate from the selling fees and selling commission that the sellers pay when listing and selling items in the auction. The buyer’s premium, if any, will be listed in the description of each auction on this site. Some may have it, some may not, and it may vary from auction to auction. It will not change once there is at least 1 bidder on that auction. Read each auction carefully to see if there are buyer premium fees, reserve fees, “buy it now” fees, or shipping fees if you choose not to do local pick up.

End of auction:
In an in-person auction, an auctioneer does the auctioneer chant to gather bids from members and when the highest bidder has made their bid and no one else bids, then the auctioneer slams down the gavel and says Sold! In an online auction run by software it is a little different. It is common knowledge that an auction is over when there is “the highest bidder at the end of the auction” so what determines the end of the auction? We have a timer that shows the end of the auction. Due to a website glitch or error, or someone using the “Buy it Now” feature, the auction may or may not end when the timer shows. The reasons for this may be as follows:
**1. There is a glitch in the website which may delay or cancel the auction and we reserve the right to notify bidders & sellers, then relist it like it never happened.
***2. The time may be extended automatically with our auction software due to the “Snipe Rule” but only if that feature is enabled on this auction. The snipe rule may add 1-15 minutes to the end of the auction, if someone bids in the last 1-5 minutes, to give everyone plenty of time to place their bids. Each auction will state if the snipe rule is enabled or not.
****3. If a bidder chooses to use the “Buy it now” feature, that will mean he is the “highest bidder” at that point in time, and it will also stop the timer and make him the winner. Everyone must realize, as a bidder, if there is a “Buy it now” feature enabled on the auction you are bidding on, you may lose it. Consider using the “Buy it now” feature to buy it instantly so that you don’t lose the buy, and so you don’t have to wait the full 1-30 days for the end of the auction.
*****4. If we recognize that there are or may be fake bidders, or sellers making fake accounts to bid on their own items, or if sellers are having friends or family bid on their items in what appears to be an attempt to artificially raise the selling price, those bids will be canceled. The bidder accounts may be restricted or banned. The sellers account may be restricted or banned, or the auction may be canceled. That auction being relisted is at the auctioneer’s discretion depending on if there is sufficient evidence of wrong doing. Friends or family that do not live in the same home address as the seller MAY bid on the items but they must pay if they make the purchase. They must pay buyer’s premium (if any) and the seller has to pay the full selling commissions. If it appears to be a repeated occurrence, or someone wins but refuses to pay, then that is a sign they were fake bidding. We will cancel the entire sale because letting the runner up bidder buy it at his last bid means the fake bidders achieved their goal.

If you see an error in this listing, or you suspect someone fake bidding, please use the contact us form in the top menu to let us know.

By registering and placing bids on this site or registering and becoming a “seller” on our site, you agree to the following (along with the Terms and Conditions located at https://westkykauctions.com/terms-and-conditions):
No items shall be auctioned off unless it is in possession of the Auctioneer, Clerk, small business partner or non-profit storing the items for us during the live auction. Sellers may not retain possession of their items at their own residence while the item is being sold, UNLESS it is a large item such as a vehicle, riding lawn mower, ATV, farm equipment, trailer, etc. Buyers and bidders, by bidding, and sellers by listing with us, you hereby release us from liability or damages caused if you bid, win, purchase or pay for an item, or for sellers if there is a delay in receiving your money from the sell, and for some reason beyond our control it is no longer available, or if its not immediately available for pickup due to theft, mother nature, act of God, miscommunication, Auctioneer/Clerk/partner meeting availability, storage facility issues, investigations by law enforcement against the buyer or seller due to fraud, stolen credit cards or stolen property, or deceit from a seller or partner. If we can not deliver the won item, we will cancel the listing and refund your purchase amount 100% and take action against the seller, clerk, or partner.

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Item #: 0002
Seller #: 0001
Auction Listing #: 00002
Item City: Online
Item location #: 000
Clerk #: 001


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